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Birdwatching Did you know that birdwatching is one of the hobbies that has most participants in the world? Just soccer…

Snow, rain and wind

Experience the Arctic weather The island Helgøy is situated over 70 degrees north which means that the weather can be…

Stroll Midnight Sun

Dreams of the midnight sun. Helgøy gives you different possibilities to experience the midnight sun. Walk along the shoreline, go…


Bird and seal safari

Sightseeing tour around the islands by boat Helgøy is surrounded by islands. An excursion by boat will take you in…

Moonlight Tour

Come with us to a romantic walk in the moonlight Join us on a walk under the clear sky with…

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Mother Nature

Weather forecast and tides

The weather on Helgøy

Date Weather Rain (mm) Wind (m/s)
28.11.2021 weather symbol -8° 0 mm 4.5SE
29.11.2021 weather symbol -3° 0 mm 6.5S
30.11.2021 weather symbol -8° 0 mm 1.7E
01.12.2021 weather symbol -1° 0 mm 5.1E

Forecasts from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK.


Status Time Water level
low Low tide kl. 01:05 123 cm
high High tide kl. 07:24 233 cm
low Low tide kl. 13:26 139 cm
high High tide kl. 19:40 248 cm

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